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Vision & Mission

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  • VISION The Arab water council is Working toward a shared vision for IWRM in the Arab World in order to maximize the economic, social and environmental aspects of water.
  • MISSION The Arab Water Council mission is to promote deeper understanding and better management of the water resources in the Arab states in a multi-disciplinary, non-political, professional and scientific manner, and to disseminate knowledge, enhance sharing of experience and information for the rational and comprehensive water resources development and management of the region for the benefits of its inhabitants.
  • STRATEGY The Arab water council has defined a clear strategy which is entitled under a mission quoted as follows:

    “Strengthen the means for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) towards achieving Water Security in the Arab Region”

    In the road towards achievement, the council has been integrating the Arab World common interest issues in International agreements and building awareness on water issues and capacity building in order to implement IWRM.

    Nonetheless, the ultimate definition of success for AWC is its performance in achieving its focused set of objectives that could be defined in these five streamlines:

    1. Capacity Building – it is a core independent objective which is the corner stone for Arab countries in developing the human resources which will be able to carry out and support the evolution of all other objectives 

    2. Building knowledge – it targets the development of knowledge through different means like studies, researches, best practices

    3. Strengthening Networks & Partnerships – it targets the development and management of relationships with all external parties impacting AWC activities and overall objectives

    4. Raising Awareness – it targets the development of the involvement of the civil society in regard to water issues in order to achieve maximum engagement

    5. Strengthening IWRM Policies Framework – supporting Arab countries to develop policies that facilitates its water resources internally and in relation with its neighboring countries that would share these resources