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Membership Information

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The Arab Water Council accepts individual and institutional memberships as follows: 

Membership Categories include:

  •  Government authorities: Ministries or governmental agencies responsible for water.
  •  Organizations: Pan Arab and regional organizations; UN agencies and international organizations; and National and Funding agencies.
  •  Academic institutions: Universities or research centers.
  •  Private sector / commercial business.
  •  Civil Society and NGOs.
  •  Experts and public figures.
  •  Individuals with interest and capacity to participate in water sector.
  • Member Institutions, corporations and organizations can participate in different local, regional and international exhibitions organized by AWC. These exhibitions are considered an excellent opportunity for cooperation and partnerships among various entities.
  • The logos of corporations/institutions can be printed on AWC publications disseminated in different events.

Moreover, member corporations will enjoy discounts for advertising on AWC website or periodic Newsletters.

For individual membership in AWC: individual should be of Arab nationality or an Arab country resident; at least 18 years of age; and be concerned with water-related issues in general. Whereas, institutional membership requires: the authority, agency or association applying for membership should be one of the institutions working in the field of water resources or any other field directly related to water; be affiliated to or has a permanent headquarters in any of the Arab countries and executes its activities in the Arab region; and finally duly pay the membership fees to the Council.

The Arab Water Council has widely issued and published a number of technical reports dealing with the water resources in the Arab Region.

Click on one of the below links to view & download the reports:

Benefits/Advantages of Membership