The journalist, Mr. Ashraf Badr, will assume the responsibility of coordinating the media and press relations affairs of the Forum.

Prof. Dr. Aly El-Bahrawy will be the General Rapporteur of the Forum, and will be responsible for consolidating the final report.

The Organizing Committee issued on Thursday 18 September 2014 the second announcement of the 3rd Arab Water Forum that include information about the program, the session organizers, the registration, the accommodation as well as the exhibition and the cultural contests.

The deadline for participating in the art contests (painting, photography and short films) organized on the occasion of the 3rd Arab Water Forum has been extended till 15 October 2014 at request of many interested persons.

The 3rd Arab Water Forum and the 2nd Arab Water Expo will be honored by The presence of HRH Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz the President Honeraire of the Arab Water Council

HRH Prince Alhassan bin Talal honored the 3rd Arab Water forum by accepting the invitation of the Arab Water Council to attend the opening session and share with participants his vision regarding the important water issues in the Arab Countries The 3rd Arab Water Forum will be honored by the participation of Ministers of Water, Agriculture, Energy and Environment in the Arab Countries as well as leaders of regional and international organizations that are supporting the water sector in the Arab countries.

The Arab Water Council will submit a proposal to organize a thematic session during the 7th World Water Forum in Korea, April 2015 to present the conclusions and recommendations of the 3rd Arab Water Forum as a contribution to “Road Map” which wil be developed by the World Water Community .

Water For food is a central subject addressed in number of sessions organized by several regional and international organizations during the 3rd Arab Water Forum. Arab Countries use about 85% of its water resources for Agriculture.

Climate change will be a major issue during the 3rd Arab Water form as reflected in number of sessions organized by different organizations.

The 3rd Arab Water Forum gives special attention to issues like water governance, water ethics, role of civil society and women in IWRM, and the actions taken by Arab countries with respect of these issues.

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