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Vision & Mission

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  • VISION The Council is working towards an Arab collective role that raises the level of awareness with existing water resources management challenges, intensifies the current effort to confront them and contributes to development of the new water culture.
  • MISSION The Arab Water Council mission is to promote deeper understanding and better management of the water resources in the Arab states in a multi-disciplinary, non-political, professional and scientific approach to disseminate knowledge and enhance sharing of experiences to achieve integrated water resources management for sustainable development and good water governance for the benefit of the Arab people.
  • STRATEGY AWC strategy is based on creating effective partnerships that aim at harnessing cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder cooperation and collective approaches across international, regional and national actors towards strengthening integrated solutions and tangible implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals for achieving water security in the Arab Region.

    Key values of AWC strategy are:

    1. Joining efforts, building bridges among the overall development goals, creating partnerships and encouraging coordination between on-going initiatives and projects to add value from synergies and complementarities; increase the accuracy of the produced results; maximize the benefits of funding and avoid replication.

    2. Building human & institutional capacities and awareness in water issues by developing better understanding of the diverse aspects of shared water resources towards their joint development and proper coordination, sharing of experiences and lessons learnt; establishment of water information systems and communication networks and advancing scientific research and technology transfer across the Arab region.

    3. Enhancing the development of water and sanitation services in the Arab region by improving water use efficiency, promoting the use of non-conventional water resources and mobilizing investments in the water sector.
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