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General Assembly Meetings

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The General Assembly is the source of all powers of the AWC, responsible for drawing its policies, and following up and monitoring its activities. Within the basic organization framework, the General Assembly is authorized to be the decision-maker as far as work progress within the different AWC departments is concerned, so as to achieve its targeted goals.

Constitution of the General Assembly:

The General Assembly is composed of all Arab States country representatives, regular, corporate and fellow members of the AWC pointed out in Articles (5) and (6) of the Constitution. Invitations could be extended as well to observers mentioned in Article (7) who are allowed to share in the discussions on a non-voting basis.

Constitution of the General Assembly:

1- The General Assembly shall hold its regular triennial ordinary meeting by virtue of invitation from the President of AWC the place and time.

2- An extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly may be summoned upon suggestion of the AWC President after approval of the majority of the BOG, or upon suggestion of one-third of the AWC members.

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