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The Climate Risk Nexus Initiative

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The Climate Risk Nexus Initiative

by the League of rab States (LAS)
in collaboration with


A rapidly changing climate, greater exposure to disaster risks, and trends of land degradation, food and water insecurity, present an unprecedented challenge for development in the Arab region.


The situation is particularly severe for vulnerable communities in the region that are already struggling with food and water insecurity.


Climate change is compounding development challenges in the Arab region, and is acting as a risk multiplier to various social and development issues.


These were enough reasons behind the initiation of the Climate Risk Nexus Initiative by the League of Arab States (LAS) in collaboration with UNDP, AWC, UNISDR, and WFP which helps realize the goal of LAS to achieve greater policy coherence across goals of climate change, disaster risk reduction, food and water security, and social vulnerability.


The objective of the Climate Risk Nexus Initiative is to develop capacities of LAS and Member States to enact decisions and policies that better manage the growing complexity of risks and support the resilience of people.


The Climate Risk Nexus Initiative will help develop capacities of regional and local partners to address gaps that exist to achieving more risk-informed development and help to strengthen the resilience of people.


SDG-Climate Nexus Facility


The Facility is considered a multi-phased program that aims at supporting countries in integrating climate measures into broader SDG affiliated policies and plans while developing national capacities in accessing climate finance towards building resilience to risks and enhancing adaptive capacities in the Arab region to climate risks and natural hazards.


The facility represents a platform which will bring together partners from regional institutions, governments, UN, private sector, civil society and academia to develop capacities for integrating climate change into development and crisis recovery programmes and policies, and scale up climate finance to support bottom up solutions that build resilience to risks and strengthen adaptive capacities.


The Facility will regularly report to the Arab Sustainable Development High-Level Committee in the League of Arab States. Through the Facility, efforts will focus on:


- Mapping out related regional and national strategies in the Arab region with goals related to water and food security, land management, social empowerment, and ways actions on SDG 13, and NDCs that can help achieve them;


- Building bridges among development goals, actors and initiatives, while bringing forth added value from synergies and complementarities;

- Strengthening regional cooperation and knowledge networks across disciplines;


- Responding to gaps in science and data for managing climate, water and disaster risks;


- Integrating climate measures into development and disaster risk management policies and plans;


- Developing capacities for scaling up climate finance and bringing co-benefits for related SDGs on poverty, food, water, energy, gender, health, inequality, land and ecosystems, peace and partnerships;


- Building local leadership and capacities for transformational change in development and crisis recovery policies;


- Supporting policy development and project preparations for achieving the NDCs in a way that considers SDG Climate Nexus approaches at the national and regional levels.





The Climate Risk Nexus Initiative
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