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The Arab Water Council is pleased to announce the “Environment & Development Forum: The Road to Sharm El Sheikh Climate Change CoP27”. Taking place 11-13 September 2022, in Cairo, Egypt

The forum is Convened by The Arab Water Council Under the Patronage of the Government of Egypt Presidency of Climate Change CoP27 Ministry of Foreign Affairs H.E. Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Egypt President Designate, CoP27 and In cooperation with Ministry of Environment H.E. Yasmine Foad, Minister of Environment, Egypt. For further details and inquiries about the forum kindly visit the forum website: https://ed-forum.org/


The Arab Water Council, under the auspices of the League of Arab States, organized the celebration of the Arab Water Day and the World Water Day under Environmental and climate change impact topics including clean and renewable energy, sustainable development, ecological conservation and protection, CO2 emission and pollution control, and food and water security are amongst the top key items on most countries’ agendas.

Creating strategies, roadmaps and technologies that address environmental issues, adaptation and mitigation measures, and sustainable development are not only critical, but vital to the survival of the human race. Some topics which were once viewed as measures for protecting the future generations, are now priorities for today, as rapid urbanization and population growth in absence of sustainable measures have led to a rapid destruction of the planet’s equilibrium, and in a nutshell, we have less time than once assumed.

In line with these critical topics and in preparation for the Climate Change CoP27 hosted in Sharm El Sheikh, the event is organized to bring together the thought leaders in this field, from across sectors and industries, in a unique forum which will discuss key critical topics from three angles: Research and development, technical, and commercial. More Specifically, the event aims to achieve the following:

  • Attracting innovative technology and solution providers from around the world
  • Provide a key milestone in the preparations for the Climate Change CoP27
  • Driving creativity and innovation in technology
  • Sharing knowledge and developing local skills and human capital
  • Hosting a Youth and Innovation Stage: Educating the “young & youth” community and providing them with a platform to demonstrate their initiatives